Saving Women’s Lives
Advance’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – No 5

The total cost of domestic violence to the UK economy is estimated at £15.4bn per year and 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
Back in 2015, the United Nations established a series of goals with aims including ending poverty, ensuring prosperity for all and protecting the planet. Here at Advance Charity, we are doing our bit to help with one of those specific goals – Goal 5: Gender Equality.
Goal 5 aims
The overriding theme of the Goal 5 of the UN Sustainability Development goals is to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls anywhere in the world. It also looks at specific problems that are affecting them including:
• Ending violence against women in public and private areas including trafficking and exploitation of all types
• Putting a stop to harmful practices including forced marriages and female genital mutilation
• Help with reforms that allow women to have equal rights to economic resources, ownerships and control of land and property, financial services, inheritance and even natural resources
• Encourage the adoption of policies and enforceable legislation to promote gender equality and empowerment of women and girls at all ages
How Advance is working towards Goal 5
Here in the UK, Advance is a charity working towards some of the specific parts of Goal 5 that affect women and girls in this country. The pioneering work done by the charity helps to support women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse to find safety but also to move past the terrible trauma they have experienced.
The inclusive, non-judgemental services that the charity offer are groundbreaking and address complex needs as diverse as physical and mental health, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse and other effects of trauma. The aim is to offer both practical and emotional support that allows women and children to lead safe lives and be in a position to participate and contribute to society.
Making a difference
Advance is an example of how positive effects can be made with the right combination of resources, knowledge and services. Last year, we saved and changed the lives of over 3,000 women and their children with tailored help that is individual to each person. This includes working with the local authorities, the NHS, the Police and Social Care and Probation services to offer bespoke services. For every £1 that the charity raises, 89p goes to those women and children who need it most.
One case at a time, Advance is working towards ensuring that women and children can lead violence free lives. To support our work, please go to: