Set yourself a personal challenge & fundraise to help women escape domestic violence! You can also get involved by sharing #AdvanceChallenge and raising awareness of the 2 women a week killed by a current or ex-partner.
Advance intervenes in high risk domestic abuse cases, where women face serious harm or death. We support these women to get safe, stay safe and gain independence. We want to reach even more women with our services in 2016- so we’re asking everyone to support #AdvanceChallenge to help us do this!

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Every week in England, two women are killed by their current or former male partner; 30,000 women will experience violence and abuse from their partners; 10,000 women will be sexually assaulted and 2,000 women will be raped.

What can you do?

Decide what your challenge will be– What would be a life changing challenge for you? Is it facing your fear of heights, spiders or public speaking? Is it seeing if you can live without your favourite food or drink for a month, or a year? Or is it about adventure and pushing yourself to try things, or go places you never imagined? Whether you want to jump out of a plane, go a year without buying new clothes or eat something you absolutely detest, Advance wants to hear from you about your #AdvanceChallenge. Go on, surprise yourself.

Set yourself a fundraising target- Whatever you can give will make a difference-no matter how little. It will help save someone’s life.

What your money will do:
  • £35 helps pay for a woman to get help in a crisis & create a plan to keep safe
  • £50 provides longer term support, such as help with the criminal justice system, and referral to a refuge
  • £100 helps keep our helpline going for a whole week
  • £200+ helps us to have our support workers based in in a police station or maternity unit to intervene early in abuse cases

So if you’d like to get out of your comfort zone and support women to leave domestic abuse let us know what your AdvanceChallenge is. Tweet @Advancecharity via #AdvanceChallenge, Instagram advancecharity via #AdvanceChallenge or share your story on Facebook with us.

How to fundraise with us:

  • You can visit our Just Giving Page and make a donation there
  • Or why not set up your own Just Giving fundraising page to send to your family and friends and money raised will go directly to Advance
  • You can send your donations to us using the following details: Advance: Sort code: 40-52-40, Account: 00011351
  • You can also send a cheque to us,  for details
When I left my husband’s house the degree of violence I had to go through was unbelievable. I had no one, no support and I was 5 months pregnant. I was completely shattered – psychologically broken. I had no understanding of any support available out there for me and no awareness of my rights before I was contacted by Advance.

My husband beat me up, threatened me with a knife while I was pregnant – he wanted to leave me and get married to someone else. I wanted to leave but I had no where to go. I kept suffering until a wake up a call, a last push that opened my eyes, gave me courage to come out of the house – that day I just left home and went to a coffee shop. My ex-husband followed me; he approached me and said the usual insults but then left. I was crying out and then I fainted – when I opened my eyes people were around me and there was an ambulance that took me to hospital.

I was referred to Advance via the doctor at the hospital. Advance then contacted me with an interpreter because I cannot speak English and from that point things changed in my life completely. They called me more or less everyday until things were ok and I was ok. Advance gave me a new life – they guided me, gave me advice, made a referral to a solicitor who helped me with my immigration status and helped me with housing. I realised that there was someone by my side – I just loved Sarah* [the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor from Advance].

I had been so lonely – I had nothing at all and I was thinking of terminating the baby and killing myself. Today, because of Advance’s support, I have a house, my residence permit and my beautiful daughter is alive. All my life I will never forget what they did for me, and I will pray for Advance and Sarah and their success. I survived because of Advance.

My #AdvanceChallenge – Elizabeth Balgobin

7th March is always a memorable day for me but it will now also mark the date when on a Saturday in 2015 I ate mushrooms in a risotto.

I have an unreasonable fear of mushrooms and my heart was trying to jump out of my throat as the steaming hot bowl of risotto arrived. At least if my heart got into my throat that would be a good excuse to abandon this stupid idea of mine. I have lived nearly 50 years without ingesting mushrooms and avoiding rice I don’t like.
The smell was good. The mushrooms were nicely hidden under the cheese but rather scary once revealed. So many colours and shapes and all looking fungal.

The flavours were good of the overall dish but the texture of the rice was as awful as I expected and the feel of mushrooms was both chewy, slimy and drying on my tongue. I had five mushrooms with the risotto and then paced it on to my my brother-in-law to finish.
A day later I am still alive so that helps with my fear that mushrooms can grow in your tummy. Unless they grow really slowly in tummies…

Elizabeth has set herself a staggering fifty challenges to complete in the last year, facing many personal fears and has raised a lot of money for Advance, making a significant impact on the services we can offer. You can read about all of her challenges here:


Why do #AdvanceChallenge?

So, why are we challenging you to do something scary? The reason is to get everyone thinking about what it feels like to have no comfort zone. Because for the many women experiencing domestic abuse right now, there is nowhere they feel safe.

So if your AdvanceChallenge is to face your fear of heights, think what it would be like to feel that level of adrenalin on a daily basis. If your challenge is to clear out your home, imagine if your home was the most terrifying place. Imagine if that was where your partner attacked you regularly and you were scared to make any changes in your home in case it triggered another round of abuse. If you are giving up smoking or another addiction, imagine how daunting it is to leave an abusive partner: worrying about children, finances, housing and safety. There are many women right now facing the huge challenge of escaping an abusive, controlling partner. At Advance, we are always there to support them in that challenge.